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Archer House

At the beginning of last year my husband and I decided to build a home for our family.  Begovich builders came highly recommended to us, once we had purchased a section we went forward with our dream of building a home to specifically suit the needs of our family.

Having never embarked on such a journey before, our knowledge of the process and what it entailed was slim to say the least.  We found the Begovich builders team to be a wonderful mentor throughout the process from beginning to end.

To begin over a couple of meetings with us both he was able to draw up a draft plan with all of our desires.  They then took this away and drew them all up to scale, modifying things to best optimise the floor space that we desired.  This was more than generous with their time and made the whole beginning process relaxed for us.

Their knowledge of materials, their uses, life spans, and maintenance required was expansive.  He guided us in the decisions we made enabling us to fulfil our dream of having a low maintenance home that was able to withstand the weather conditions of the Waikato. They were also very accommodating to our request of having some of our own sub contractor’s work on the job, as well as allowing us to shop around for the best prices on products and chattels.  We never felt limited to only a few choices of fixtures or suppliers, thus enabling us to have exactly what we wanted.The team kept in constant contact with us, sometimes even daily when required, and kept us posted with the progress of the home.

The Begovich builders team were a great bunch of guys that always made us feel welcome on the site and also shared their knowledge and opinions, helping us make decisions that would best suit our needs. The finishing of the home was impeccable.  A detail that does not go un-noticed by all who come through.  To say we are pleased with the final outcome would be an understatement.  The house is better than we ever allowed ourselves to imagine.   All of their ideas that we added to the plan have taken it up to the next step in our eyes.

Begovich builders teams’ honesty, and communication, made them so approachable and we trusted him implicitly to do what was best with our investment.  We never felt that we couldn’t go to him with little (or big!) changes that we wanted to make, and he was always so very accommodating of these.He truly made the experience a pleasure and has a work ethic that we were unable to compare with any other individual that we came across throughout the process.

We would use him again in an instant and would not hesitate to recommend both Shaun, Hayden and the Begovich builders team to all.