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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    When do I call in a builder?

    It won’t cost you to call Begovich Builders in right at the get-go, and it might even save you money. Some builders want to see final plans before they’ll get involved. We like to be with you at the start, work out what you want, and help you get it without breaking your budget.

  • 2

    Will I have to lodge a building consent?

    No, Begovich Builders can do all that for you. Our team is experienced with the consent process, including council queries and technicalities, which will save you time and frustration.

  • 3

    Will you charge me for preparing a building consent?

    Not usually. Most components get collected during the design process, so the building consent application is eased.

  • 4

    Why do I need a qualified builder for my renovation?

    You may need council permits, inspections, various building materials, and a range of trades to complete the work. A qualified builder manages all those aspects, and ensures the workmanship satisfies building codes and requirements.

  • 5

    Will my project need a permit?

    You need a permit for structural work, when the living area of the home is changed, or when mechanical systems (electrical, gas or plumbing) are modified. Begovich Builders will obtain all necessary permits for your project and we are responsible for compliance.

  • 6

    Do I get a warranty?

    Yes, Begovich Builders provide a 10 year warranty on all our work. Roofing, cladding and steel structure come with a 15 year warranty (subject to location and usage conditions).

  • 7

    Is the warranty transferrable if I sell the property?

    Yes, the balance of the warranty is transferrable, but usage conditions still apply to product.

  • 8

    What insurance do you recommend?

    Reputable builders take out ‘Public Liability’ and ‘Contractors All Risk’ insurance for a new build. For work on an existing property, Begovich Builders will discuss the best insurance options with you.

  • 9

    How can I keep the project within our budget?

    Enter into a full build contract with your builder. Discuss costs such as kitchens and carpets, which can very hugely in price depending on what you want. Don’t overlook costs outside the quote: landscaping and other exterior items, and curtains and blinds inside.

  • 10

    Isn’t one building company the same as another?

    Many building companies are owned off shore, and don’t build for New Zealand conditions. Begovich Builders is 100% NZ owned, and we build for NZ conditions with our own teams.

  • 11

    What contract options are available?

    Full Build Contract: You get a written, fixed price action plan from start to finish. We organise all aspects of the build, keeping you informed but taking the stress off your shoulders. You know what the project will cost, and any over-runs are our problem.

    Cost Plus: This contract includes materials, plus a builder’s margin. It’s a pay-as-you-go arrangement, with no guarantees.

    Labour only: As it says, you contract just the builder or carpenter. For this option and the last (Cost Plus), you will need to hire all subcontractors, plus a project manager, unless you can oversee the project yourself.

    Project management: For a set fee, you get someone to oversee the building project for you, including arranging delivery of all materials and co-ordinating subcontractors. With a full build, a project manager is included in the price.

  • 12

    How does paying for the project work?

    It depends on your contract. With a full contract, you make payments to one company, usually in agreed stages of the project. Begovich Builders provide payment and construction schedules with a written contract quote, so you know what to expect and when.

  • 13

    Why should I extend my house rather than build a new one?

    Extensions can be messy and disruptive, but if you like your area and don’t want to move, Begovich Builders can build with a minimum of disturbance. We keep our sites tidy, and you can continue living in your house. If you do need to move out, we may be able to help with that too.

  • 14

    Can you extend and still keep my house dry and secure?

    Begovich Builders know the risks of rain and intruders when work is in progress. We have a sure-fire system for eliminating your home’s exposure to these risks. Simply put, your old wall doesn’t come down until the extension is pretty much built. Safe as houses!